"She likes to live in France where she rubs shoulders with "les petits cafés". Diana Hamilton sings all this with kindness, humor, mischievousness; but moreover, this Bahamian from Paris interprets standards and, novelties in her own rhythms, jazzy, calypso, reggae; to make us vibrate, backed by a very swinging musical group while making us aware of the history of her people... " 

                                                 Florian Lacour

Babylon Cafe Album

By Diana Hamilton

Bahamian In Paris

By Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton: Biography 



Radio & TV  Shows 

France Culture:  Bahamian traditonal music ,  Paris.  September 2000 

RFO  Radio : Bahamian Rhyming Spirituals,  Paris  -  November 2000 

Island  Fm :  “A Bahamian in Paris” 

RFO  Radio :  “A Bahamian in Paris”,  Paris  April 2003 

France Ô Quotidien : ” A Bahamian in Paris” ,  Paris  -October 2005 

Double Culture -   Josephine Baker,  a tribute,   Paris – May 2006 

Radio RFI :  “Regards Croisés ” - a tribute to Josephine Baker 

Radio Africa N° 1 :   “ A Bahamian in Paris”,  Paris – June 2006 


2000 - 2006 

Jazz & World Festivals, various tributes, concert halls, TV & Radio, shows live or recorded for national broadcast to promote the new album 

“A Bahamian in Paris” 

- RFO TV : clip produced by Sylvie Koné  for  diffusion in the  French  overseas departments,   Paris – June 2000 

- Petit Journal Montparnasse :  evening dedicated to music from the   Bahamas – Negro Rhyming Spirituals acappella, Folklore Rake n’ Scrape and Calypso  with RFO and Daniela Langer – Diana Hamilton Trio,  Paris -   June 2000 

- Heritage Festival :  guest appearance  in the first Bahamian heritage  festival,  Nassau  Bahamas - June 2001 

- Tribute to Archie Shep: with Archie Shep plus other artists  Montreuil – July 2004 

- France Ô Television : guest star on the Randy Fly show, to present “A Bahamian in Paris” Paris – October 2004 

- RFFAN : private gala organized by the Black French Business Women’s Network,   Paris - October 2004 

- France Inter Musique  :  “Le Pont des Artistes” produced & presented by Isabelle Dhordain - Recorded before a live audience  for national broadcast,  to present  3 titles from the  album,  Paris – 2005 

- Bataclan : Invité d’ “ ANIS – Paris,  May 2006 

- Radio Libertaire : Concert produced & presented  by Agnès Rougier for the anniversary of Radio Libertaire - broadcast live from Studio Campus,  Paris  - June 2006 

- Sing Sing 96.7 Fm :  World  Music Festival,  Brétagne – May 2006 

- Radio France & Montpellier Jazz festival : gave 3 concerts Montpellier – July 2006 

- FIP 100.3 Fm : One of the three concerts was broadcast nationwide &  worldwide  on September 14th 2006 

- WOMAD festival – Reading,  England -  July 2006 



     -  France Musique: Diana Hamilton Trio – Bahamian Negro  Rhyming  Spirituals sung a capella. Live broadcast produced & presented by Daniela Langer, Musicora Musique Du Monde (Salon de la Musique)  Paris – April  1999 

-   Musicora ’99 : Live performance (Salon de la Musique),  Paris April   1999  

-   La Maroquenerie café litteraire :  Bahamian Negro Rhyming 

Spirituals acappella :  the Diana Hamilton Trio,   produced & presented by  Daniela Langer  (musicologist),  Denis Constant-Martin (author of  the book “Le Gospel Afro-Américain”  Ed. Cité de la Musique – Actes Sud ,  Paris -   September  1999 

-    France   Culture:  Public recording of   the Christmas Gospel  concert  -  Diana Hamilton Trio & Storyteller, presented by Yvan Amar, Maison de Radio France,  Paris -  December 1999 


1990 - 1997: 

Diana first performances were with Karom (Jean Philippe Thomasson land artist Sculptor-Ritualist who became famous in 1981 for his 6 acre land sculpture  "Femme de Blé " (Woman in Wheat) in a field in Dordogne.. Songs sung acappella inspired by Australian Aboriginals.. 

FR3  AQUITANE :  TV documentary on the Sculptor–Ritualist,  Karom (Jean Philippe Thomasson – Primitive song & dance,  Dordorgne  - June 1997 

USA Ella Fitzgerald Trophy :  I won first prize in this international gospel festival 


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