"She likes to live in France where she rubs shoulders with "les petits cafés". Diana Hamilton sings all this with kindness, humor, mischievousness; but moreover, this Bahamian from Paris interprets standards and, novelties in her own rhythms, jazzy, calypso, reggae; to make us vibrate, backed by a very swinging musical group while making us aware of the history of her people... " ” - Florian Lacour


Babylon Cafe Album

By Diana Hamilton

Babylon Café illustrates a virtual bridge between two generations: that of Dang, a young director-deejay clearly influenced by hip hop and beats and that of Diana, a more "old school" singer with a voice evoking a past that is both exciting and a bit nostalgic. The interest and success of the album can be summed up in the fact that these two generations merge perfectly and create a hybrid music that is both vibrant, interesting and could not be more harmonious.

Charming genre crossing from the Bahamian chanteuse. Calypso, reggae, lounge jazz, chanson, zydeco and the indigenous style Junkanoo all come gently wafting out, ,,, It’s simply Diana picking up whatever’s close to hand, making a refreshingly unpretentious record in the process. Her voice is equally charming, sounding whether singing in English or French not unlike a Bahamian cross between Ella between Ella Fitzgerald and Macy Gray.  

Diana Hamilton » Artists » WOMAD 05/10/10

Bahamian In Paris

By Diana Hamilton

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